Week in Review Feb 12-18, 2012

It’s Saturday!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  This week  has been full of good and bad fashion choices.  Here are my top picks for favorites and not so favorites.

Favorite Look:


This was an easy choice; Adele in Armani.  First, Adele is awesome, second you can’t go wrong with a perfect fitting black gown.  I love that she chose sleeves!  (It is still February)  It fits her perfectly and she looks chic and glamorous. I like that she wore her hair down, I think it adds to the glamour, especially with the red lips.

Worst Dress:


Can this even be called a dress?  Fergie in Jean Paul Gaultier.  I read this was her safe choice?  The only good thing is that Fergie is one of the few people who actually look good in orange.  I think the black under the orange kind of gives it a Halloween feel.  It would have been better with a full lining.

Shoe Obsession:


I came across these shoes a few days ago and instantly fell in love.  Valentino peep toe pumps.  At a mere $895 I am sure my husband will buy me at least two pairs ;) I am also sure I will have several opportunities to wear them in southern Minnesota.  This past month was quite busy:

  • 4-5th Tiger City Farm Toy, Truck, & Collectibles Show
  •  11-12th Big Island Rendezvous Historical Faire
  • 25th Girl Scout Cookie Sales 10-4pm
  • 29th Wisecrackers Comedy Show

These shoes would be appropriate right?

Best Look:


Why do I not look like this when I workout, or ever?  You can be sure that I pretend I do though.

Best Find:


I have been looking for a new wallet for a long time.  I love Fossil and found this one online.  (Only $60!)

Favorite Design:


I saw a picture of this design a few weeks ago and fell in love (this happens a lot).  I would love to have my stairs turned into a giant bookcase!  The only problem is that we don’t have any stairs in our home.  I do, however, have enough books to fill this bookcase.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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